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Work with a Japanese Investor

We help Japanese individuals and company investors to find, buy, rent and sell high-return properties in America. We provide consulting services for our clients to find investment properties. We also find regional center projects for investors who want to apply for an Eb-5 visa. 
If you are Miami, La, Las Vegas, or Hawaii based real estate brokerage, realtor, immigration lawyer, US asset investment advisor, US loan renders, or regional center investment company, we would love to connect with you. Please feel free to email me at or Add me on What's App

What's in it for me?

You can meet a potential investor with almost no effort.

You can expand your client portfolio by working with an international investor.

You don't have to be fluent or knowledgeable about Japanese culture to work with a Japanese client. 

You don't have to worry about the cultural or language barrier to work with a Japanese investor.


Hearing session 

ForeignConnect conducts a hearing session with a client and understands the client's purpose of the investment.

Coordinate meetings with experts 

Depending on the investment type, we will coordinate meetings between client & their interested party including, an immigration lawyer, US asset manager, US capital render. 

Find & suggest properties or projects

We can suggest properties or projects that meet their criteria.

Visit the property or project 

( if the client wishes,) We will coordinate a trip to visit properties and meet with the experts, including the immigration lawyer, loan render, and realtor.

Finalize the contract  

Once the client decides to purchase the property, ForeignConnect acts as a client's liaison and helps the client close the contract.

Apply for Eb-5 visa

(If applicable) 

( if the client wishes,) we will proceed with the Eb-5 visa application process with an immigration lawyer partner.

List property

(If applicable) 

( if the client wishes,) we will contact the listing agent or real estate company in America to list the property to find a tenant for the property.

Rent and manage property (If applicable) 

( if the client wishes,) we will coordinate property management services with a local company. 

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